Academy Graduate Sam Long Thanks Imps Lottery Players

Lincoln City FC Academy graduate and First Squad Goalkeeper Sam Long has personally thanked all players of the Imps Lottery. As a product of the academy, Sam recognises that The Imps Lottery is an important way to support the club and to give local children the opportunity to develop their skills and hopefully make it all the way to the Lincoln City first team.

Sam Long, Goalkeeper:

“Thanks so much to the Imps Lottery players who have helped to support the club’s academy and community and can’t wait to see some new players get involved soon.”

How Your Entry Helps The Club

The Imps Lottery is a fantastic way to support your club for just £1 a week, with funds being used to support the Academy with the best equipment and facilities for our Academy coaches to help develop our young Imps with the highest quality training. The funds will also be used to provide community coaching sessions, aiming to encourage children within our local community to play football and helping us to talent ID future Imps players across the county. In essence, you are helping to shape our future stars!

How Does it Work?

You can sign up for the Imps Lottery HERE.

Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with your numbers along with more information regarding your direct debit payment.

Every week 6 numbers are drawn and released onto our website at, match all 6 numbers to win the £25,000 jackpot!

Both the Imps Lottery and the Super Draw are overseen by Prize Provision Services who are licensed as an External Lottery Manager by the Gambling Commission.

You can find out more information on Prize Provision Services HERE.

Our lucky winners will be contacted through the phone number provided upon registration. Cash prize cheques are sent via post to your address provided upon registration.

Find out more HERE.

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Help Young Imps Fulfill their Dreams!

Every penny of profit will be used to develop the children playing in our youth academy!

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