Introducing The Imps Lottery

We are pleased to announce a relaunch of The Imps Lottery. Designed to increase the funds available for the Lincoln City FC academy, The Imps Lottery is a fantastic way for fans to support the club.

Fans can join the Imps Lottery from just £1 a week, with all profits going to the club. This means that by playing the lottery you are helping the development of our future stars. Money earned from the lottery will go towards training equipment used by our academy players, training and development for our coaches to ensure our players are receiving the very best training and community coaching sessions to help involve children in the local community.

It’s not just the club that benefits from playing The Imps Lottery, you can as well. Every single week that somebody plays the lottery they have a chance to win various cash prizes. Our weekly prizes are: 2 free entries in to the lottery, £20, £250 and a staggering £25,000! So not only can you help the club by joining the Imps Lottery but you could pocket yourself some cash too!

The prizes don’t stop there. Every month all of our lottery players will be entered in to the Imps Super Draw. In our Super Draw we have three amazing guaranteed prizes that every single fan will love. One winner will receive two tickets for one of our home games in the luxury of hospitality, another winner will receive 2 tickets to a home game and a third winner will win a replica shirt signed by the entire first team squad! The Super Draw costs no extra money to enter and all 3 prizes are guaranteed!

By playing The Imps Lottery you will be directly supporting the club and it’s development of future first team players. Join the lottery today and get yourself a chance of winning our cash jackpot or one of our fantastic Super Draw Prizes!

Help Young Imps Fulfill their Dreams!

Every penny of profit will be used to develop the children playing in our youth academy!

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